Jeff Shavitz

I lived in New York City; I now live in Florida.

I went to college in Boston, MA – no, it wasn’t Harvard; I attended Tufts University.

I have an amazing wife who used to work for the National Basketball Association – I love basketball so I married her.

I love and adore my children – Jen, Lexi & Andrew – they wanted their names mentioned on the site.

I have 2 dogs  Molly & Teddy– not sure why we got the 2nd dog except to keep the 1st one company when we’re out for the day.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, I worked as an Investment Banker at Lehman Brothers in corporate finance.

I have started 4 companies and sold 3 successfully.

My current business  is TrafficJamming LLC,  a virtual membership group created to help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their organizations.  Check out

I love and respect business owners and entreprenuers.

My first book “Size Doesn’t Matter – Why Small Business is Big Business” was published in 2015.   The book hit #1 top new release on Amazon in 3 business categories (entrepreneurship, business management and new business services). My children laugh that I’m now an author.

My 2nd book “Small Business AhaMessages” is a collection of axioms that every business owner should consider when starting or running their companies.

My 3rd book “The Power of Residual Income – You Can Bank on It” discusses the power of the recurring business model and discusses the significant differences between residual  and  transactional income.

My 4th book, “Networking – Get Connected” shares an innovative approach to business networking which will help create authentic professional and personal relationships to grow your company.

I love golf and I hope to play the top 100 courses in the USA.

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